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All About Sagittarius

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Sagittarius seeks to learn and explore and commonly looks at life as an adventure. Sagittarius is resilient and energetic, and able to bounce back when it takes a knock. As it's fellow fire signs, Sagittarius has an enthusiasm for the attitude of just 'going for it.' The adventurer in them thrives on risks, and feels confident that they will be able to greet and deal with whatever life throws at them on the way. No need for a plan to spoil the fun, just be flexible and see what happens! An optimistic attitude helps them cope with the change and stress of life.


There is a deeper purpose to the gypsy traits of Sagittarius. Not just the adventurer, but the seeker, on the eternal quest. Sagittarius is not as interested in the facts as it is the truth and the meaning behind them. Facts are inflexible, but Sagittarius knows that truth has a more eternal and flexible quality.


Sagittarius is seeking to understand the wholeness of life. They are philosophers, seeking out the universal human truisms that are constant for us all, that transcend culture and religion. Sagittarius' attitude of exploration helps them to be open enough to see those truths, to find those patterns, and to ultimately further their knowledge in their quest for the meaning of life. To do this, Sagittarius must get comfortable with and remain open to foreign ways of thinking. Travel can get their vision to expand and fill them with that sense of wonder they need. It's not about a two-week vacation in a luxurious spa/hotel, however, it's about experiencing different cultures and beliefs, so a trip to India or Egypt may be more rewarding than just any old beach or spa. Anything that helps Sagittarius look at life in a fresh way is rewarding.


All this openness requires a lot of freedom, to explore, to move around. Sagittarius needs to feel that they are not tied down so that they can go and have those adventures. Sagittarius is generally a lot of fun and is very friendly, but try to hold them still or pin them down and they will not appreciate it. Go with them on their adventures.


The need for freedom and all that confidence can quickly turn into a shadow if Sagittarius does not keep their eye on the spirit of the goal. Sagittarius needs to have the right amount of a risktaking attitude coupled with good judgment, or they can quickly find themselves in situations that are much harder to get themselves out of than they were to get into. While faith and optimism are great traits, if they don't exercise good judgment, they will find themselves jumping off cliffs. Sagittarius may come face to face with their own human frailty in shocking ways otherwise. Also, if their need for freedom becomes a fear or becomes exaggerated, it can keep them from participating in meaningful relationships. Sagittarius must always apply that flexibility to their own truths: that being free doesn't mean being alone or so non-committal that they can't keep their promises. That being optimistic doesn't mean poor judgment. That searching for truth doesn't mean it's everyone's truth - even they can be wrong. A person with Sagittarius energy is learning to embrace this optimistic attitude and this devil-may-care approach.


If you have a lot of Sagittarius in your chart, parts of you will benefit greatly from exploring and widening your horizons. Get some culture shock! Expose yourself to the unfamiliar, so that you can open your eyes, beyond the things you think you know. Go hiking or skydiving or traveling with your favorite Sagittarius!

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