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All About Pisces

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Pisces is here learning the principles of empathy, compassion and an open soul. They carry inside them the gift, and curse, of a somewhat boundary-less existence. The boundaries that keep people apart from each other in mind and heart are a little less sturdy for Pisces. Their intuition and empathy is great; they can sense the emotion flowing underneath, as is a natural tendency with any water sign. This allows them to be able to give their intuition more support and credence, if they choose to trust it. Empathy gives them the opportunity to learn the principle of compassion; for if they are able to feel the suffering and the joy of another, it brings them closer to the realization that we are not as separate as we believe; that we are all one family.


Boundaries can be a good and necessary thing though. What allows Pisces to empathize and have a large enough vision to understand the bigger picture of life, also leaves them with the challenge to keep their own identities and emotions in tact when they are interacting with others, especially those with less than honorable intentions. A strong empathy can make it difficult for Pisces to separate their own feelings from the feelings of those around them. It is easy for them to be overwhelmed by the strong emotions of others, and get confused about their own motivations as they differ from others'. Their tendency toward compassion encourages them to give chance after chance to people, some of whom they would be better off letting go their own way.


Many Pisceans find that they struggle with giving up too much of their own resources and kindnesses to others, especially when it's unnecessary, which allows them to be taken advantage of. Their challenge is knowing when to say no, even when it's not 'kind', but is necessary, and learning to leave enough room in their plan for their own needs. They wrestle with the urge to become a martyr for a cause that does not require so much sacrifice from them. They can make themselves sick by sacrificing too much of themselves. Even honest and well meaning friends should take care about overwhelming their Pisces friends with their own needs.


Pisceans also tend to have a certain naive quality about them, which can be beautiful as well as detrimental. Their sense of innocence and wonder in the world allows them to keep the open heart that feeds their soul the most. They are learning trust in the universe and that they don't have to have control over everything to ensure its happening as it should.

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