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All About Aries

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The symbol for Aries is the ram, because it wants to meet challenges head on, even risking its own skull for victory! Aries is the pure energy of life. It's the first sign of the zodiac. We can compare the sign of Aries to a baby newly born. Before we think about what we are worth, what we can do, who we love, what to do with our life, we just ARE. That life force, is Aries, that concentration on being, existing, being alive. Survival and Courage are its lessons.


Aries is born with a very strong survival instinct, but it is not born with courage. Courage is learned. Courage is overcoming the natural instinct to run away from danger. It takes courage to survive. Aries will tend to draw situations to itself that inspire a fight or flight reaction. Situations that require a lot of energy, a lot of will, fierceness and boldness, and that have some element of risk and difficulty. It depends, of course, on the person wearing Aries, and where they are wearing it, what these situations will be. It might come out in an interest in physical activity that has an edge to it - mountain climbing, bungee jumping, etc. It may be as simple as learning a new skill and not letting it get the better of you. It might be learning to confront people you need to take on. But basically, Aries is the sign that is here to learn to face the bears. And that takes courage.


Aries is the sign of the warrior, and it is not happy waiting safely on the sidelines. It wants to engage with life, to conquer, to achieve. An Arien's natural resources are directness, competitiveness, feistiness, independence, all things associated with a fiery nature. Life finds a way to draw situations to an Arien, so that they might hone these skills, conquer a meaningful mountain. But it's up to Aries to do so. If an Aries chooses to avoid meaningful battles, then they may find themselves fighting meaningless battles. Instead of feeling alive and challenged and strong, they feel irritable and angry, like they are looking for a fight - but usually in all the wrong places. All of Aries' power is dissipated needlessly into situations that only frustrate it, and can drive others away too.


So give your favorite Aries a punch in the arm next time you see them. Then duck.

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