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All About Libra

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Libra is most recognized as the sign of partnership. This sometimes automatically brings to mind the idea that Libra is not complete or enough on their own without a significant other, which is not the case. Relationships are simply a growth intensive area for them, and so they naturally find themselves drawn to others and social interaction. They are bridge builders - connecting people together, in understanding and harmony. Libra wants to understand where you are coming from, wants to see your side of things.


The symbol for Libra is the scales, because Libra is not only interested in seeing your side of things, but all possible sides there are and could be. They try very hard to be impartial and fair, to be an appropriate and objective judge in any situation. Libra knows that nothing is black and white, and that every truth is composed of two (or more) partial truths, depending on one's aims and point of view. There are many paradoxes in life, and the most confusing are those paradoxes contained within a human being. Libra is built with the capacity for understanding and accepting a paradox - understanding that sometimes humans and situations and truths are too complex to understand in simple yes or no terms.


The trouble with seeing both sides is that, quite often, life requests that we make a decision. Sometimes the scales are so evenly balanced for Libra, that they can't choose one side or the other, one path over the other, because neither path, neither decision outweighs the other. They understand pros and cons and points of view so well that to step out of that balance and tip the scales deliberately (to make a deliberate decision) can sometimes be a real challenge. To not decide can also be considered a decision, as time marches on, carrying Libra with the tide.


A Libran's scales need to balance; that is when Libra is most happy. Libra is very sensitive to chaos - in their environment, and especially the chaos that can be created by two or more people at odds with each other. In order to maintain that balance and harmony in their life, they are constantly 'adjusting the scales' to try and maintain the peace. Librans are often the peacemakers in their group of friends, families, work environments, wherever - because they are natural diplomats. Seeing both sides of a situation can allow you to sympathize with everyone involved and helps Libra help others to make that bridge of understanding. Where can we compromise? Where can we meet? Asking and answering that question is a natural Libran skill.


Being a peacemaker means not upsetting either side while you're trying to bring them together. Couple the ability to see multiple angles with the extraordinary sensitivity Libra has to people's moods and needs and you can see Libra really shine. But Libra has to be careful not to glaze over the truth in their attempt to please everyone or the split will turn them unintentionally two-faced: one for each side of the negotiating table. That is one ofthe dangers or trying to make everyone happy and feel understood; while Libra may try, you really can't please everyone all of the time.


Libra knows how tense it can be to be in the middle and walk that fine line, trying to keep the peace - a situation they probably find themselves in often. Libra can't stand to see ugliness caused by narrow-mindedness; they find they are often compelled to step in. In fact, in the face of injustice or one-sidedness, Libra can be quite argumentative - which may seem to be a trait that seems strange to describe such a serene seeming sign. True, Libra doesn't like that tension, but they also can't stand bias - so to bring things back in balance, Libra sometimes finds themselves enticed to play devil's advocate. But unless Libra is very comfortable revealing their displeasure, they may try to avoid rocking the boat while they cringe and break into nervous bits on the inside.


Libra is able to maintain a calm veneer, not giving hint to their discomfort or irritation if they so choose. Sometimes this can be the dark face of the peacemaker; in their effort to obtain tranquility they may strive to keep the peace by refusing to engage in (and therefore resolve) conflict. The danger is confusing inner peace with the appearance of harmony externally. Sometimes you can't go around; you have to instead go through. When Libra is too concerned about facing that tension, they may try and smooth it over, covering all the bumps with a pretty blanket of "everything's fine." If Libra falls into this trap, it is likely only to get worse as the tension builds for Libra while they have to work harder and harder to appear 'just fine.' When the tension builds and explodes, it is often much worse than the original situation would have been to begin with.


If Libra learns how to work with the difficulties of seeing so much and can learn to address the tensions around them in useful and harmonious ways, their reward is true peace - for nothing can break true inner harmony when one knows how to achieve true balance. It is delicate and challenging work, but work that Libra is built to accomplish.

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