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All About Leo

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Everything that has been felt and incubated within during Cancer now needs to come out, given form, expressed. Leo is here to learn how to attain and express joy. To develop a big heart and leave some kind of impression of the world that comes from that heart.


To attain joy, Leo needs to tap into its extraordinary ability to live in the present. Joy is found in the moment, seizing it, not planning for it and not remembering it, but being IN it. 'Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die;' there is wisdom in this. It's a phrase often used in a negative connotation, describing people who are irresponsible and unaccountable for their actions. While this can be the case, the heart of that phrase can be interpreted differently: realize that your life will be worth nothing if you don't live in it.


To be a good person, we are often counseled to rise above our ego and think of others. But Leo is not about being selfish, it's about reveling in Ego - our conscious self. To Leo, it's not about being above it all, it's about being right down in it playing in the mud and being yourself. Not worrying about what's proper or safe but just being proud and happy to be alive. Leo knows that life is a ride and sometimes it's even absurd and we're all absurd at times, so just enjoy it.


To express joy, Leo must take what's inside itself and let it out; thrust it out, even. To Leo, it is not enough to feel a thing, it must be heard, it must roar. This is the very definition of creativity, to take something inside you and give it form, and that is what Leo does. Often it's their very selves that serve as their expression - everyone knows a Leo who was a drama geek in high school, or the class clown, or somehow finds a way to express themselves, even if it's just through a very sparking sense of humor, although not every Leo chooses those forms of expression. The form it takes doesn't matter, and it doesn't have to be boisterous, but it is the most fulfilling for Leo when they express it, even if it's not to a packed audience. But some kind of audience, Leo needs. Leo is replenished by the energy they receive from others. When they express, they need to be heard. It's a vital loop that keeps Leo fed. Leos need to feel like their presence matters. We all feel that in some way, but for Leo it is strong. They must be felt in someone's heart, they must be appreciated and applauded. This is how they experience a feeling of love and connection the most easily.


This need is often misunderstood. When Leo doesn't feel appreciated, they feel small and diminished, like their light is going out. Their defense is arrogance. When the audience boos, Leo must not let it show. So an arrogant attitude slides over them, as if they don't need anyone or anything. It is a defense against the heartbreak they feel of not being loved. Leo may try harder to impress by puffing itself up with pride and confidence. When Leo is saying "please love me," others may only hear "aren't I so great?" Pride can stand in the way of Leo getting the love they need when they don't dare reveal their need. Arrogance is a cover-up but it's a cold and convincing veneer, leading to loneliness and rejection for Leo. Leo may not realize how pompous they appear to others, and push them away in response, too prideful to stop the cycle.


Leo may be the King, but they tend to want to treat their subjects well. Leos can be very generous because they simply want to spread the love around: 'let's all have a good time and not worry.' Leo wants to be big. They are not interested in pettiness or small thinking. When they love, they love big. When they hurt, they roar loudly. Everything about Leo is grand, and when you are in their presence, you are too. Their charisma is often overwhelming. When you're with a Leo, they can make you feel on cloud 9. They can put you on a pedestal so high with their love, and express themselves passionately to you.

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