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All About Taurus

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Taurus is all about simply being. It wants to be at peace with itself, nothing to prove, no struggle, no angst. Tranquility is the goal for Taurus. They avoid the rollercoaster of high drama, find overly complex people tiring and ridiculous, and have a distaste for the high stress diet many people are ingesting these days. Taurus seeks out simplicity and stability. They are replenished by the quiet of nature, beautiful music, spending time alone or with some good, old friends.


'Just let it be and relax and it'll happen the way it's supposed to' is a Taurean philosophy. This gives them the well-deserved reputation for being laid back. But make no mistake, while they can be easy going, they are not wishy washy at all. They know what they want and while they might not make a big fuss about getting it, there is not coercing a Taurus into doing something they don't want to do. The symbol for Taurus is the bull: they are slow to move, but there is no stopping them when they get moving! They are capable of seeing something through to the end; they have a great well of patience and determination that they can call on when a job has to be done. They are not best for sprinting, but for stamina - they are the marathon runners of life.


Taureans instinctively want to get things set up for their own stability. There is sweetness in routine and predictability for them, a rhythmic and simple life. There is a reverence about Taurus - for itself, for nature, for the universe. They are very down to earth; they have a solid and serene energy about them that radiates calm into their environment. If you're having a crazy day, sit with your favorite Taurus and let them help you ground yourself. They are also grounded and practical - ask them for advice and they will tell you in the simplest terms to just settle down. They cut to the chase of something and diffuse all the uncertainty out of an issue. They will strip away all the non-essentials until you are left with the essence, and that is their end point, their purpose, their method in life.


Taureans create and connect through the senses. They need to taste the wine, hear the music, feel the earth and grass underneath them, see the blooms, and smell the pine in the air. It is not uncommon that they are nature lovers, where there is no city noise, no daily pressure or pretense between humans. They tend to be very comfortable with themselves, especially at ease in their body. That's why what can be experienced with the body pleases them; the corporeal world connects straight to their heart. They are not imagining what something might be like, they are feeling it, experiencing it in the most direct way they can. Taurus is known especially as the sign of touch, working with their hands may be the most rewarding job they can have.


Some pop astrology books have referred to Taureans as a materialistic sign. This comes from the Taurean affinity for sensual activity - they tend to enjoy good food and relaxing and beautiful surroundings, and that can often cost money, lots of money for the really good stuff. But they are not inherently too materialistic. If a Taurus becomes overly attached to the material world to an extent where they seem to be addicted to it, then they have gone down the shadowed road: confusing inner security with outer security. Sometimes, misguided Taurus energy tries to still itself by forcing control, safety, and stability onto its environment. A rich house with many things in it can lead to a feeling of (financial) security, but that can never be a replacement for the calm that an utterly poor man can feel sitting on a rock in the sun, alone, at peace, smelling the air, listening to the earth, feeling his soul. If you have inner security, it is much more difficult for outer chaos to tear that down, and it's also much easier to gain and maintain than to control the chaos in the world around us.


Another shadowed road for Taurus is the potential for getting stuck. Sometimes a slow moving object slows down too much and stops. Taureans may prefer to change gradually and naturally, but there is a danger that they will fight change too long and then they become stagnant. The only thing that never changes about life is that everything changes, eventually, even if it's slow. So, that which they were trying to avoid, chaos brought on by change, now sneaks up on them because they have become stuck. This danger of stagnancy often manifests in Taurus as stubbornness - attitude changes tend to be the hardest, but even Taurus needs change to live.


Go ask your favorite Taurus for a big bear hug. They give the best hugs ever!

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