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An astrology reading is a very unique and meaningful experience that is very difficult to describe to someone who hasn't had the experience. Here's what past clients have had to say:


"I just wanted to let you know that the reading you did for my son was wonderful and very helpful. You were so right on about him. It make so much sense, such clarity! Thank you! I have also noticed that the more I listen to the cd's the more I pick up on. What a great gift you are giving parents. I feel blessed to have found you. I look forward to my other son's soul journey reading."

~Carolyn S., Sammamish, WA



"I wanted to let you know that the natal chart reading that you did was absolutely precise. Coming from a science background, historically, I did not give much validity to astrology, but based off of the accuracy of your reading and given that we did not know each other prior to the reading, I now believe in the validity and usefulness of astrology when it is used by trained people. Your reading helped to confirm aspects of myself that I had known, but had always attributed to a dysfunctional aspect of my personality instead of it being my "norm".


Your reading and the words and manner in which you explained the various aspects have helped to ease the burden that I have long carried in regards to trying to "fix" myself and as such it has allowed me greater freedom in knowing that it is just how I am. Thank you for your gift and for your willingness to struggle to put words to what you see so that others, such as myself, who do not have that gift can benefit."

~Sarah T., Todmorden, UK

That was really amazing.


I feel like my brain & heart split open. My thinking is a lot more clear.


I feel more alive and I think I am ready to do all the things I have been stewing upon for the past 3 years.


Thank you Thank you Thank you.


~Kate W.

"OMG! Your voodoo freaky astrology sh*t totally works. EVERYTHING you mentioned that would be coming up for me later this year is totally coming up. Holy Crap, Amy! Your powers freak me out. But in a good way!"

~Tina H., Seattle, WA



"Thank you for such a wonderful reading. I really feel that you 'got' me and have helped me understand how all the seemingly conflicting parts of my personality are there for a reason and how I can manage them better. More importantly, how I can learn from them and grow as a person. Many times before I've been told only negative things about my Eighth House planets and my Neptune/Sun opposition. It's been so refreshing to see those aspects described in a different light. "

~Nicky H., York, UK



"Amy, thank you so much for doing my chart. I am enthralled with it. I can't get enough of it. Every chance I get (which isn't many) I sit alone with a highlighter and pour over it. I can't believe how accurate, how completely spot-on some of the things are. A lot of the things are! Just so, so me. Inside and out. Freaky! Thank you again. It's very special to me and I will continue to read and study it, time and time and time again."

~Christy, Beaverton OR



"(A friend) listened to a little bit of my reading with me and it was so uncanny that it peaked her interest. Your reading was able to name things for me that I knew were always inside me but I never seemed to have words for."

~Brooke W., Seattle WA

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