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Planetary Mischief in Midlife
March 18, 2016
7:00-9:30 pm
Hosted by Oregon Astrological Association


“Midlife crisis” is a household phrase in western culture that immediately conjuring up images of balding, middle-aged men in red sports cars trying to recapture their youth. This stereotype has become comical--either sadly ridiculous when being lived out in front of our eyes or just downright inaccurate when it comes to the personal reality of the experience. Is there more to it than that? What lies at the heart of the midlife crisis and does it truly exist?


Groundbreaking psychologist and friend of astrology, Carl Jung, said the midlife transition marks the beginning of the second half of life, when a mental transformation occurs. Jung’s own midlife transformation was quite profound, seeming to border on the edge of madness at times, but also a period of his life from which most of his richest work grew.


A number of aspects occur during the period of our lives broadly defined as ‘midlife’. In this lecture, we’ll explore the astrology of the mid-life transition against the backdrop of Jungian theory and the astrological events that happen to us all during this time, with chart examples to see midlife in action. We’ll also look at strategies for helping clients through this transition.

The Astrological Life Cycle
March 19, 2016
12:30-4:30 pm
Hosted by Oregon Astrological Association


Life’s milestones can include things like our first job, getting married, graduating, or having children; yet, some of life’s most pivotal milestones aren’t punctuated by certificates or ceremonies but by planetary cycles. If life were a novel, then the planetary cycles point out major plot points in our story.


Our unique birth charts point the way to developing our individuality, and as the planets move, we develop and change in our own time and pace. Yet, while the timing of key events in our lives may be just as individual as we are, we all experience peak points of planetary energy at the same ages. In this way, the astrological life cycle of human development unfolds. We can see these pivotal times approaching from the moment of birth through the tracking of the planetary cycles.


In this workshop we’ll discuss planetary cycles: what they are, how to recognize their peak points and work with them practically in your life. We’ll walk through example charts and hear from participants that wish to share their real-life stories that unfolded at the time. Come prepared to work with your own chart!

The Power of the Progressed Moon
March 20, 2016
2-4 pm
Hosted by Portland School of Astrology


The progressed moon is the fastest of the progressed planets and can always actively be seen in our lives, revealing much about our emotional needs and experiences. We’ll explore what it is, how to use it and understand its effects, and how the natal and progressed moon interact to challenge us to grow. We’ll also look at it as part of a larger cycle with Saturn. Several chart examples will be discussed.

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