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All About Gemini

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Gemini's goal is to see everything. Logically, Gemini is represented by the twins, because it takes two lifetimes for them to cram everything into their brain that interests them! Gemini is known as the sign of communication, as is its ruling planet, Mercury. Communication is an idea that encompasses many components: listening, speaking, thinking, writing; an exchange of ideas through any form possible. Gemini is about pure seeing, it should actually be called the sign of perception, because it's job is to soak up information like a sponge, not worrying about sifting the information, but opening itself up to all facts, knowledge, evidence, truths.


It makes sense, then, that Gemini is infinitely curious. Have a Gemini child and the 'why' questions may never stop from the moment that child can speak, and really, even before. Gemini likes to have fun, to explore this world with joy and enthusiasm. They have an element of a child seeing everything for the first time, and a thirst for learning in every form.


Gemini could also be called the sign of the heretic. A heretic questions. They question why we've "always known that's how it is." There are many instances when certain 'facts' have been agreed upon without anyone really knowing why. But Gemini knows that reality is a "lie agreed upon" (as my mentor has so eloquently put it), and that what everyone claims just IS SO, is often incomplete. Gemini should not refuse information, because its gift is to be able to hold all the information, even the conflicting information, and really contemplate the paradoxes. It can wrap its mind around many ideas that might drive some people into fear of the complexity and conflict it brings.


Gemini's danger is information overload. The shadow side of Gemini can keep them so immersed in information that they, (yes, even a Gemini!) can get overloaded and short circuit, become overwhelmed and frazzled. Or to have so much information that they can rationalize anything they want to because they can always find 'facts' and statistics to back up any claim they want. The dark side of Gemini is talking so fast and so fervently, throwing out facts and quotes and proof left and right, that they batter down their opponent with the sheer volume of information, skipping over the contradictions that Geminis are so good at spotting when they want to!


Gemini has an element of genius. They have the ability to reason and think in complex ways and to higher degrees, to see their way around problems quickly, often before the rest of us can catch up. Wrapping their mind around a complex mental problem is actually quite a thrill for Gemini. Even simple word games and puzzles are fun. They have boundless mental energy.


Ask your favorite Gemini what they saw on the Discovery Channel last week, but only if you have an hour or so to listen to the fascinating ins and outs and tangents that lead up to the answer.

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