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This is a collection of articles, written in 2006 and previously featured in my newsletter, Heavenly Truth.


What is a Planetary Cycle?

A planetary cycle refers to the path of any planet around the zodiac and its position relative to its natal position when you were born. Saturn, for instance, takes 29-1/2 years (roughly) to make it around the sky and return to the position it was in at your birth. As Saturn makes its way around the zodiac, it will make a square to itself, an opposition and another square relative to the place it was when you were born until it finally returns to the spot it started in at your birth. These squares, oppositions, and the return mark significant passages in your life. What's particularly exciting about planetary cycles is that they are something we all experience, and at the same time in our lives as everyone else (more or less, with some exceptions). We all experience Saturn returning to the point it is in our natal charts at around the age of 29. We all experience Uranus opposing the original point it is in our natal charts at around age 42. These events, no matter who we are or when we are born, manifest at about the same time in everyone's lives, so there is something we can learn about the natural unfolding of a life by understanding these cycles.

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