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The Progressed Moon

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The progressed moon can tell you sort of where your emotional attention is during the 2-1/2 year (thereabouts) period of time it’s in any given sign or house*. It is like your emotional weathervane; where your heart is and what it needs during this time to be content, happy, and feel good. It doesn’t negate the needs of your sign/house that your natal moon is in, however. That will always be valid. What it does is add a new layer to what you’re experiencing now , and what you learn and incorporate emotionally during this time will only add to your natal moon lessons.  


Let’s say your natal moon is in Virgo in the 8th house and currently your moon has progressed into Sagittarius in the 10th house.


Natal Moon: Virgo in 8th house: You consistently have an emotional need to humbly analyze yourself and come to honest realizations about who you really are, even the not so pretty stuff.


Progressed Moon in Sagittarius in 10th house: Lately your emotional attention is leading you to gather new experience and experiment (Sagittarius) especially in order to discover or strengthen what work you are here to do (10th house) in this life. 


The progressed moon helps your natal moon: You will learn more about yourself as you analyze your reactions to the new experiences your PR moon encourages you to have.


The natal moon educates your progressed moon: The natal moon urge that you have to know yourself can help you as you focus on answering the question “what am I meant to do?” 


2-1/2 years is a long time. What you are emotionally experiencing with the progressed moon is kind of a backdrop; it is not something that you will notice every moment of every day during this period. When you look back over your life, you may be able to identify that certain periods of your life were characterized by a certain feeling/mood (for instance, my progressed moon has been in Scorpio for about a year and a half now and I certainly have been experiencing more of a mood of heaviness and intensity than I normally do in general). The reason it’s useful to look at the progressed moon is mostly because you may feel like something in you is changing and it can help you get your bearings and even help the process. For instance, in the above example, if this person feels comfortable handling things in a more practical and controlled/directed way (Virgo Natal Moon) and they are lately feeling the urge to just kind of run with it and see what happens (Sagittarius PR moon) instead of being so controlled or organized, it can be rather unsettling and chaotic to a well organized life! It’s useful to understand what is going on at this time in your life so that you can put yourself a little more at ease and also ask yourself how you can cooperative with what your soul is ready to learn now.  


My first book, Astrology of the Moon, covers this topic in great detail.


Here are some one sentence ideas to help you on the right track to understanding your progressed moon needs and purpose (by no means are these the only ideas that are relevant to each moon passage):


When your progressed moon is in:

  • Aries: You are in the mood to claim your power.  

  • Taurus: You are in the mood to slow down.

  • Gemini: You are in the mood to satisfy your curiosity.

  • Cancer: You are in the mood to consider your feelings more often.

  • Leo: You are in the mood to express and celebrate yourself.

  • Virgo: You are in the mood to work on yourself.

  • Libra: You are in the mood to reach out to others.

  • Scorpio: You are in the mood to confront some emotional demons.

  • Sagittarius: You are in the mood to go on an adventure.

  • Capricorn: You are in the mood to accomplish something serious.

  • Aquarius: You are in the mood to experiment without boundaries.

  • Pisces: You are in the mood to explore your imagination.  


Your progressed moon may simultaneously fall in the:

  • 1st house: Time to do things that feel new and do them just for you.

  • 2nd house: Time to do things that require you to take a risk & see what you’re made of.

  • 3rd house: Time to learn new things and meet new people – expand your mind and perspective.

  • 4th house: Time to get in touch with who you really are and where you come from.

  • 5th house: Time to share what’s inside of you by playful and creative means.

  • 6th house: Time to get to work on projects & goals that really mean something to you.

  • 7th house: Time to assess relationships & make changes that reflect your changing self.

  • 8th house: Time to spend some time alone & confront soul wounds that need healing.

  • 9th house: Time to broaden your horizons – travel! Explore! Shake your routine up!

  • 10th house: Time to revisit what you are meant to give to the world; your life’s work.

  • 11th house: Time to look to the future and make plans. New cycles are soon to begin.

  • 12th house: Time to let go; release the past. Situations & priorities are changing, let them.   



*Since the size of each house can vary from chart to chart and even within the same chart, 2-1/2 years is an approximate length of time when applied to houses. 

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