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Let’s Get Personal: the Progressed Moon

The moon's role in your chart represents your emotional needs and reactions, and by the same token, the progressed moon's role in your chart represents your evolving emotional needs and reactions. What you need and want 'lately' may not line up with the norm. But the progressed moon isn't just a 2-year-long mood swing. I've found the progressed moon to reveal the basic emotional foundation into which everything else that happens in your life lands and sprouts (or chokes your plants!) While this view can be held for all the progressed planets, only the progressed moon moves slowly enough to allow the energy of a sign or house to build up in your focus and be incorporated into your life, but quickly enough that something is always going on with it: it's changing signs, or houses, or it's trining or squaring or opposing a planet. I've always found it to be an excellent, no-fail barometer for what's going on in someone's internal life.

Yet, it's not just on the inside. The old saying "As above, so below" certainly applies, but I'm also talking about "As within, so without." What we're ready for and going through on the inside frequently manifests in the external, as situations and events that just happen to be the perfect impetus for the internal lessons we are learning. Many people find that when their progressed moon enters the 2nd house, they are dealing with new financial stresses such as losing their job or taking on new responsibilities that come with a financial burden, and these (along with other examples) provide the right sort of incubator for them to do the true 2nd house work: prove to themselves that they've got what is necessary to take their own survival in hand, even when their resources are stretched further than ever. A 7th house passage will bring an internal need to take inventory of the relationships and attitudes about relationship in someone's life and determine whether or not they are working and how they need to work better. External events may reflect that by the timing of a new relationship or the timing of an end to a relationship coinciding with the progressed moon's journey through the 7th. Obviously the sign has a lot to contribute. With a progressed moon in Capricorn in the 7th, it may be the structures, commitments, and rules that need shifting, whereas a Leo progressed moon in the 7th indicate a time to show and receive heightened amounts of appreciation to and from a partner.

My progressed moon has been in the 12th house for about 3 months now, and I can tell you that I snicker at my foolishness in starting a blog during this time, because I require so much 'downtime' now, to connect to the ethers and stare into space…  …  I'm sorry, what was I saying?

'Til next time, earthlings.

One's progressed moon cannot be seen in the sky, but only felt with the heart. Astrology's progressed planets are calculated based on the idea of a day for a year; meaning, a day's actual movement of a planet equals a year's worth of progressed movement. The moon moves around 12-14 degrees every day, changing signs every 2-1/4 days or so. The progressed moon will take a year to move that same distance, changing signs every 2-1/4 years. If you want to know more, I wrote an entire book about it, but you'll have to wait until next July. Astrology of the Moon will be published in July 2010 by Llewellyn. Join my mailing list to be notified when it comes out!

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