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Natal Reading


Our natal chart is the map to our lives. It's more than a compilation of random personality traits. From it I can determine things like what you are here for, what you really need to do to be happiest, and the struggles you might have and why you have them. The planets aren't telling us what to do; each planet is asking us a question and an astrology reading is able to help you discover what those questions are and allow you to see clearly enough to answer those questions in the way that is most beneficial and empowering for you.


This reading is fundamental to understanding yourself and it's usefulness applies no matter what is going on in your life. I recommend this reading first if you have not had your natal chart interpreted for you before. Understanding who you are is the foundation upon which you can begin to understand and reference the ways you're growing now.


Complete Natal Chart Analysis: $199

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Current & Future Trends


The planets continue to move, of course, after you are born. How do they affect you throughout your life? Timing of events in our lives is very important. What we weren't ready to do a year ago, we might be ready for now. You continue to evolve and learn as time goes on.

This reading can show you what is ready to happen inside of you and outside of you in your life and in the near future, enabling you to have clarity about what you're experiencing now and vision about how you want to shape your future.


Current & Near Developments: $125

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Other options

Parenting Reading:

Bring out the best in your child and yourself as a parent. This is a natal chart reading with an emphasis on your child's developmental needs and parent-child dynamics.


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