You know 'timing is everything.' But how can you know what to do when the time comes? You know something big is going on for you but what is your best move? What is the purpose of what's happening to you now?

This video will introduce and teach you how to use 'transits', the moving planets which they signal the timing of events in our lives. In this class we'll focus on how to understand the transits in an evolutionary way: how to use them with intention, identify and understand what we are being asked to do, and how we can maximize the opportunities that each transit brings.

This class is best for those with familiar with the basic components of astrology.

Video: Using Transits with the Natal Chart

    • What transits are and how to easily track their movements
    • What each transiting planet is trying to teach as well as what to beware of
    • The developmental milestones in everyone's life, such as the Pluto Square, Saturn Return, etc.
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