The north and south nodes of the moon is the rich material for this 3 part series. The south node's story holds the key to unveiling your past, the north node's story points toward your future, and the birth chart is how to live fully in the present as you move from the old to the new.

Learn the technique that can blow your entire natal chart wide open with a deeper level of understanding that underlies everything in your chart. I go through each component in analyzing the nodal story in any chart: the nodes themselves by sign and house, the rulers of the nodes, and aspects to the nodes. I use a famous person example as well as a chart examples from a live participant so you can get her immediate feedback on how this truly told the story of her life.

This class is best for those with familiar with the basic components of astrology.

Video: The Moon's Nodes

    • What the nodes of the moon are and how to find them in a chart
    • The north and south nodes at work
    • How the nodal analysis holds the key to the "chart behind the chart"
    • The nodes in action
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