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Schedule Your Reading: Please EMAIL ME FIRST to schedule a reading before purchasing, especially if you have questions or are in a rush. Please note that wait times can sometimes be upward of 6 months. Please do not purchase until you have scheduled your appointment date.

Purchase Your Reading: Once you have emailed me and we've got an appointment set for you, you can return here to purchase your reading right from my website.

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Book a Reading with Amy

  • See Readings page for full list of reading descriptions.

  • You don't need to live in the Seattle area to receive a reading from me. I currently offer readings only via a personal narrative. This means you will not be present at the time I record your reading, so you will not need to block out time in your schedule, and can listen to your reading at your own pace with your own preference of privacy. 

    You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have before or after the reading. I will also send you a questionnaire before the reading to gather the information from you I need to know in order to create your accurate astrological chart, as well as give you the opportunity to share any information with me that you want me to know in order to provide you the deepest insights I can offer. 

    Using this information, I will create and interpret your chart, saying everything I would say if you were sitting in front of me into a microphone. All readings are recorded and will be made available to you via download following the reading, along with a PDF of the chart wheel(s) being analyzed.